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Our Goal is Simple:

To Certify Business As Usual In A New World

The Confidence® platform enables companies to define steps in any workflow—from enterprise processes and compliance to field services—then track completion of those steps in real-time.

Our system incorporates AI to automate certain parts of the process and verify that the work was done to your standard.

How It Works






Team member completes all tasks required for compliance on the Confidence® App. The results are sent to the Confidence Cloud®.



The Confidence Cloud® processes the request with its AI engine, confirms the authenticity, and creates the Badge of ConfidenceTM.


Badge of

The Badge of Confidence can be published to the Confidence Smart DisplayTM, Community of ConfidenceTM , or any other digital property.

Defining Workflows, Tracking Fulfillment With Honesty

Confidence® delivers a multipronged approach to everyday business operations that encourages proactive compliance and truth in reporting. Our strategy hinges on a platform that enables companies to define steps in a workflow and track completion of those steps in real-time. It assumes the currency for economic growth in the current world is trust.

Monitoring Real-Time Progress On Issues That Matter

The Confidence® solution revolves around a proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) platform. This technology sits in the Confidence Cloud®.

The system is designed to facilitate confidence in the businesses we frequent. The platform enables companies to define steps in any workflow—disaster recovery, compliance, daily processes—then track completion of those steps in real-time. Our system incorporates AI to automate certain parts of the process, but always requires human beings to manage the most important tasks. It’s how we guarantee every part of the workflow will be completed in a way that instills confidence across the board.

There Are Three Main Parts
To Our System:

The Confidence® App

Types of Workspaces

Workspaces are physical or virtual; they’re where people do work. They can be homes, businesses, offices, schools, rooms, vehicles, and more.

Doing things right

Within a workspace, users can create tasks, which are action-oriented items that must be completed. Tasks are assigned to Team Members who are accountable for them through completion.

Explore the Marketplace

The Confidence Marketplace comprises a library of best practices, guidelines, protocols, and standards to set up a framework for compliance. These templates have pre-defined tasks with detailed descriptions and images to make clear what needs to be done.

Confidence Cloud®

Help things get done right

The Confidence Cloud® processes tasks completed by Team Members with time, date, location stamp, and photo or video for an accurate representation of the work performed. Our system delivers consistency and peace of mind.

Vision + Learning = Better AI

Using computer vision and machine learning, the Confidence Cloud® is able to understand objects in a photo or video and can break down the pixels to help Team Managers inspect completed work with extreme accuracy.

Be in more places at once

Our AI engine enables Team Managers to see work completed across all spaces with the tap of a finger in the app. The Confidence Cloud® eliminates the need for in-person work inspections, and enables users to optimize their time. Your family will appreciate it.

Badge of ConfidenceTM

It's all about the Badge

The display is powered by the Confidence Cloud® which validates that the appropriate tasks were completed, earning the space the Badge of ConfidenceTM.

Display badges anywhere

The Badge of ConfidenceTM can be displayed on any digital property to provide verification everywhere.  

Plug and Play IoT

The Confidence Smart DisplayTM shows up to the minute status of a physical workspace. Put them anywhere. The power source allows the device to operate for up to 4 years with no daily charging.

We See Our Mission As A Simple Equation:


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