Workflow Process Mapping:
Use Cases & Examples

What’s your biggest roadblock to achieving operational excellence?
Your best people don’t have time to document the work they perform, and that creates a single point of failure in every process.

See how our clients easily capture individual expertise and institutional knowledge - and why existing business process management tools can't get the job done

Training for Applications

By capturing and documenting institutional knowledge, you’ll be prepared for attrition and onboardingRead use case

Training for Roles

Onboarding multiple team members is a heavy load, especially for a team tasked with reducing outages and improving customer experienceRead use case

Daily Operations

Confidence enables teams to execute daily processes with quality and consistency while capturing performance analyticsRead use case

Code Deployment

Perform change management in a consistent, repeatable way, reducing the risk of service disruptions due to errorRead use case

Runbooks Change Management

Easily create complex, highly detailed how-to guides for all of your commonly repeated tasks and proceduresRead use case

Compliance & Regulatory

Ensuring your procedures are in compliance with regulatory can now take significantly less time and effortRead use case

Incident Response

Create incident resolution playbooks with detailed troubleshooting steps for both general and team-specific needsRead use case

Disaster Recovery

Streamline DR responses with evidence-based reporting, minimal prep time, and centralized communicationRead use case

Now you can overcome that risk. With Confidence.

Confidence logo blueClear the hurdle of `not having time` to document work processes
Confidence logo blueHelp new team members become productive faster
Confidence logo blueChampion top performers, improve low performers
Confidence logo blueUse AI to track productivity and automate reporting
Confidence logo blueEnable managers to measure and guide work in real time
Confidence logo blueOptimize contractor spend with real data on utilization and output

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