Training for Roles

Bringing on over a dozen new operators at once is a heavy load, especially for teams tasked with reducing outages and improving customer experience.

But with scores of new Confidence playbooks in place, our enterprise client gains much-needed tracking into onboarding time — and training quality — across all varied shifts. Documenting these processes also increases management’s visibility into the work their teams are performing and allows current team members and managers to easily step in when issues arise or help is needed.

A Simple Capture Process Yields Dramatic Results

Kickoff1. Kickoff:

Start with documentation and clarifying questions

Capture2. Capture:

Go deep with supplementary capture as needed to fill in gaps

Create3. Create:

Provide ample notes and screenshots for crystal clear guidance

Validate4. Validate:

Allows time for team discussion and more detailed capture

  • Hard to track new employees' aptitude and progress in real-time
  • Training spanned several days or weeks with touch-bases
  • Inconsistent training methods
  • Difficult to maintain standards for repeating and completing a process
  • Sparse, out-of-date documentation
Confidence logo blueIsolated difficulties and areas that required more training
Confidence logo blueStandardized consistent training methods and processes
Confidence logo blueCaptured, documented, and stored knowledge in a Confidence library of over 400 processes
Confidence logo blueEnabled real-time insight into progress
Confidence logo blueAllowed easy editing to stay up-to-date
Confidence logo blueEnabled trainees to tag SMEs or managers in comments to resolve questions in a fraction of the time
Confidence logo blueReduced training time for new and senior members
Confidence logo blueEnabled certification of completed training
Use Cases for Training with Confidence:
  • New employee and part-time employee onboarding
  • Making infrequent processes transparent without time spent on reviews and refreshers
  • Enabling processes to be completed by non-expert peer reviewers


+2000Confidence created over 2000 playbooks with step-by-step process instructions


-80%Drastically reduced average resolution time from 1 business day to 1.5 hours


-90%Capturing operational IP reduced new employee training time from 6 months to ​​just 2 weeks

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