Incident Response

For this major online banking platform, Confidence created individual incident resolution playbooks with detailed troubleshooting steps for both general and team-specific needs.

Now, every team member has clear procedures to confirm an incident alert has been received, provide details on steps being taken to investigate the incident and hand off ownership to other teams in the resolution workflow if they do not have the capacity to handle the issue.

  • No dedicated team for incident resolution
  • No end-to-end accountability in the incident resolution workflow across 4 components of transaction flow
  • Limited visibility into:
    a: How incidents are getting resolved
    b: What team members are resolving incidents
    c: How long incidents take to resolve
    d: Clear categorization of incidents
Confidence logo blueEnd-to-end management of incident resolution with cross-communication between teams
Confidence logo blueAudit trail providing resolution durations, operator involvement, incident categorization, incident frequency, and detailed troubleshooting steps
Confidence logo blueDecreased time spent troubleshooting during incidents
Confidence logo blueDecreased time spent writing up incident reports

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