Daily Operations

For our client’s server troubleshooting team, Confidence provides standard operating procedures, tracks live progress, drives consistent usage, and highlights opportunities for improvement.

Where code deployments have a high level of variability among operators, Confidence playbooks ensure best practices for each transaction while allowing team members to comment and specify collective actions taken and in which step troubleshooting problems were solved.

For management, our detailed reporting aids you in the decision-making process, while ensuring clients and stakeholders get the high level of quality they expect.

  • Substantial gaps in procedural documentation
  • Runbooks locked in Word docs
  • Inconsistent methods of execution across team
  • Insufficient visibility into troubleshooting processes
  • Difficult to maintain standards for repeating and completing a process
  • Lack of visibility into commonly recurring issues
Confidence logo blueThorough documentation of all troubleshooting steps
Confidence logo blueEasy access to processes, divided into tasks per error code
Confidence logo blueIncludes end-to-end steps, visual aids, important notes capturing institutional knowledge
Confidence logo blueOptimized steps during the process capture phase for greater consistency between teammates
Confidence logo blueImproved visibility into issues needing resolution
Confidence logo blueComments used collectively for team updates on daily activities performed
Key Results:
  • Process check-off procedure with expected duration of 24 hours proved to take only 12 hours
  • Operations team reduced transaction processing time from went from 4.8 hours/day to 2.4 hours/day
  • Live detailed reporting maximizes traceability into who has been doing what for how long
  • In just 2 months with Confidence, an SME reduced the number of tasks to complete a process from 46 to 34, reduced the average time spent from 65 minutes to 36 minutes
  • In just 1 month processing daily ops in security and job scheduling went from 6.7 hours/day to 4.1 hours/day
  • Morning checklist reduced task count by 12, reducing variability coefficient by 92%
  • Management now sees variability amongst operators, lulls in activity to identify new capacity and reallocate work, weekly time breakdowns, operator comments, and process comparisons


+45%Analyzing processes on a granular level allows operators to combine and remove redundant steps


-50%Detailed metrics enable standardization and automation giving operators greater scope-of-work, minimizing tribal knowledge


-90%CaptuCapturing best practices for each process provides future operators with a framework to produce consistently accurate work

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