Disaster Recovery

Disasters happen — and companies of all sizes generating and managing mission-critical data need to be prepared to maintain business continuity.

One of our clients currently hosts over 3,000 disaster recovery (DR) events annually, and a lack of regulatory compliance can trigger millions of dollars in penalties and customer attrition each year.

Confidence provided clearly documented workflows for 9 of our client’s unique institutional customers, and this client now sees improved pre-event preparation, streamlined event execution with real-time communication, and instantaneous OCC-compliant reports, resulting in less customer downtime and attrition.

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Pre-Event Preparation:
  • DR Runbooks are infrequently updated resulting in improper testing procedures
  • Runbook maintenance is a strenuous, labor intensive process
Disaster Recover Execution:
  • Runbooks lack sufficient detail to complete steps appropriately
  • DR coordinators are unable to measure and manage DR events in real time
  • Lack of communication between operators and coordinators during event execution leads to overlooked steps
  • Difficulty capturing and storing sufficient validation screenshots/artifacts
Post-Event Reporting:
  • Inability to document recovery durations and execution times promptly for key regulatory bodies
  • Post-Event Reporting often takes week to compile and submit to regulatory bodies
  • Currently unable to associate screenshot evidence with applicable tasks
Employee Attrition:
  • Retiring employees and shifting roles led to unrecoverable knowledge gaps on how to properly execute a DR event
Confidence logo bluePre-Event Preparation:
  • 24/7 secure cloud access to current DR Runbooks
  • Runbooks easily updated and maintained for future events
Confidence logo blueDisaster Recover Execution:
  • Step-by-step DR instructions with visual aids by task
  • Easily manage multiple DR events and assign tasks directly to operators
  • Live event communication
  • Required validation artifacts are easily attached as screenshots, PDFS, Excels, etc.
Confidence logo bluePost-Event Reporting:
  • Automatic reporting outlines recovery durations, DR participants, troubleshooting, and validation artifacts
  • Instantly compile OCC/BCIC compliant reports
  • Easily associate all validation evidence in screenshots and files with applicable tasks
Confidence logo blueEmployee Attrition:
  • Tribal knowledge now captured from operators heads and documented with ease, reducing over-reliance on key performers


-25%Confidence’s detailed digital playbooks enable easy updates for future DR events with historical data


+33%Automations allow teams to collaborate more accurately, consistently, and efficiently


+100%Auto-generated reports eliminate the time once spent creating audit trails and compliance documentation

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