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When our financial services client uncovered a heavy reliance on an outside vendor for their patching and governance team, Confidence went to work bringing that external knowledge back in-house.

Over time, using an outside vendor left the organization without the historical and institutional knowledge or runbooks needed to ensure security and continuity. The inflection point came when the vendor was to be replaced by an internal engineering team, and the Confidence team got to work capturing and documenting these mission-critical processes.

  • External P&G expertise marooned critical knowledge outside our client’s organization
  • Processes covered in capture calls were inconsistent, leading to mistakes
  • With no runbooks, vendor relied solely on tribal knowledge
  • Vendor had no onboarding documents for future team members
  • Our client’s newly onboarded engineer was understandably unclear on processes
Confidence logo blueCaptured, documented, and safely stored knowledge in a Confidence library
Confidence logo blueAll steps and tasks now clearly outlined in playbooks for both onboarding and daily tasks
Confidence logo blueReduced time wasted in rework
Confidence logo blueAvoid costly mistakes
Confidence logo blueProvided main system engineers with more time for their own work
Confidence logo blueEnabled measurable evidence of productivity
Confidence logo blueTeam expert gained greater system knowledge
Confidence logo blueStandardized consistent onboarding processes
Confidence logo blueReduced training time
Patching & Governance Capture Process:
  • Walked through servers' patching status in step-by-step processes
  • Worked daily noon to 8 pm to learn each feature in depth
  • Asked key questions around system access, feature needs, and what would happen if…
  • Identified 18 daily, weekly, and monthly processes for producing patching reports
  • Projected and completed patching servers by comparing different files
  • Patched around servers' status for different technologies
  • Overcame mistakes made during capture calls
  • Captured all process knowledge from outside the company

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