Runbooks Change Management

For our client’s IT operations, runbooks are complex and highly detailed how-to guides for completing commonly repeated tasks and procedures.

They might be used to patch a server, restart a system when an adaptor has stopped, renew a website or SSL certificate, deploy automation, and more. And, for more complex operations, we uncovered numerous opportunities for our client to develop and utilize runbooks for Disaster Recovery, Incident Resolution, Daily Operations, and Host Monitoring.

  • Procedures locked in hard-to-customize documents like Microsoft Word and Excel, PDFs, and Adobe Workfront
  • Lack of visibility into tasks hindered traceability and accountability
  • The non-interactive, hard-to-use system made for inaccurate, poorly undetailed documentation
Confidence logo blueThorough documentation of all procedures
Confidence logo blueAudit fields and task ownership provide insight for executives management
Confidence logo blueEasily customizable playbooks
Confidence logo blueDocumented communication line between teams and team members
Confidence logo blueCommenting allows managers, engineers, and operators to colorize and upload relevant documents, images
Confidence Runbooks Are:
  • Actionable: Document required elements using comments, screenshots, files, and images
  • Accessible: Located in Confidence, trained team members can easily locate and use
  • Accurate with up-to-date information that can be easily modified
  • Authoritative and specific for individual processes with almost 500 playbooks tailored for 40 of our client’s customers
  • Adaptable, easily modifiable, and easy to duplicate for similar processes across teams

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