Code Deployment

For daily code moves, or when code installs require large movements from one environment to another, Confidence enabled our client to capture their processes and create highly complex playbooks.

These processes are not only highly complex and delicate, but our client's legacy mainframe systems mean younger team members often do not know how to operate and maintain them. For example, if a single code input is incorrect, the team once had to unravel many steps. Now, they can trace exactly where errors are that could lead to incurred costs and fees.

A Simple Capture Process Yields Dramatic Results

Kickoff1. Kickoff:

Start with documentation and clarifying questions

Capture2. Capture:

Go deep with supplementary capture as needed to fill in gaps

Create3. Create:

Provide ample notes and screenshots for crystal clear guidance

Validate4. Validate:

Allows time for team discussion and more detailed capture

  • Daily tasks and code install procedures locked in Word docs
  • Communication spread across multiple Microsoft Teams and email
  • No documentation of tasks completed or time required
  • No visibility into commonly recurring errors
  • 6-month training period
Confidence logo blueThorough documentation of all procedures
Confidence logo blueVisibility into where team members are in each process with overall system health checks
Confidence logo blueDocumented communication line between teams and team members
Confidence logo blueTime-stamped task completions with evidence of error resolution
Confidence logo blueSurfaces issues that recur frequently or require significant time resources
Confidence logo blueAbility to directly address errors with specific team members

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